We work on your behalf to restore stolen identities, because no one wants to face identity theft alone.

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Identity theft is an evolving risk in a world that has become increasingly dependent on technology. Not long ago, many reported instances of identity theft centred around lost or stolen identification or credit cards, now it is much more common when sensitive personal information is accessed online. Regardless of the cause, identity theft should be a primary concern as the Canadian Anti-Fraud Centre had more than 47,000 cases of fraud reported to them in 2019 alone.* It is important to note that these were just the reported cases, in reality there were probably many more.

Every Canadian should learn more about how to avoid or minimalize the risk of identity theft. In the case where a stolen identity event does happen, those who are most successful at reclaiming their lives will be the ones who execute a deliberate and comprehensive plan to restore their identity – or better yet have a trusted, knowledgeable organization execute the plan on their behalf. This way, any concerns regarding your stolen identity can be dealt with quickly and efficiently, with minimal disruption to your daily routine. In a typical case, Identity Restoration Services can start restoring your identity by simply providing a driver’s licence number and a signed limited power of attorney. Those who face a stolen identity event alone will usually have to do a substantial amount of research regarding the necessary steps and still be more prone to missing key actions and important details in the identity restoration process. This could result in delays in returning to a normal routine, and lingering issues that may last for years after the event.

In any case, you should be proactive about addressing issues that could possibly lead to identity theft. If your identity is stolen, be prepared to face the problem head-on with the assistance of a service that has all the resources and experience you need to deal with it in the most expedient way possible.

Marsh’s Private Client Services is pleased to provide access to Identity Restoration Services** for only $30/year (plus a $2.70 administration fee and applicable taxes). With this service, you will be able to:

  • Reduce the potential of identity theft occurring through access to:
    • An informative resource-based website.
    • An online Personal Risk Assessment Survey designed to identify areas of vulnerability and recommend corrective measures to aid identity theft prevention.
    • Specialists for inquiries regarding identity theft issues.
    • Information relating to consumer rights.
    • Information detailing steps to proactively reduce exposure to identity theft.
  • Be prepared in the event that you do suffer a stolen identity event.
  • Respond appropriately, with dedicated resources available to work on your behalf, if your identity is stolen.

You can purchase Identity Restoration Services protection through Marsh for only $30 year plus a $2.70 administration fee and applicable taxes.


** Trisura Guarantee Insurance Company has partnered with Identity Restoration Services Inc. to provide you with a full suite of identity restoration services (IRS) that will help you understand potential threats to your personal identity as well as corrective services if a stolen identity event occurs.

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