Legal Expense Insurance

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Unlimited Legal Advice
DAS will provide unlimited access to a general Legal Advice Helpline to discuss any legal matter, even if it’s not covered by the policy.

Insurance solutions for you and your family
Canadians face a variety of legal risks on a daily basis. From speeding tickets to tax audits, legal issues can have a significant impact on your family life and personal finances.

For only $150*/year

DAS Personal Legal Expense Insurance policy:

  • Protects you from costly legal expenses
  • Empowers you to defend or pursue your legal rights
  • Provides unlimited access to general legal advice by telephone at any time

Every step of the way
DAS Personal protects you and your family in every stage of your life, from buying your first car to renovating your home. When you are faced with an insured legal issue, DAS Personal will cover your lawyer’s fees and legal costs, empowering you to take back control of your life. DAS Personal gives you peace of mind and access to justice when you need it.

How will a DAS Personal policy protect and empower you and your family?
DAS Personal offers a policy tailored to you and your family’s personal needs, legal guidance, financial protection, and support.

See it in action:

Driver’s Licence Protection
Laurent’s licence is suspended, threatening his ability to do his job.
DAS will assign a lawyer and cover all legal costs to defend him.

Contract Disputes
Rachel hires a contractor to repair her bathroom. The contractor abandons the job halfway through.
DAS will appoint a lawyer and pay legal fees to deal with the contractor.

Property Protection
Nada’s neighbour cuts down a hedge that is shared with her property without consulting her first. This results in a loss of privacy for Nada. The neighbour refuses to pay for a new hedge.
DAS will assign a lawyer and cover legal costs to negotiate with the neighbour.

Legal Defence
Elizabeth is facing a criminal investigation after being charged with allegedly stealing petty cash from her employer.
DAS will appoint a lawyer and pay legal costs to defend Elizabeth.

Bodily Injury
Haroon slips and falls in an unmarked puddle of water at a grocery store, resulting in injury.
DAS will appoint a lawyer and cover legal costs to take action against the grocery store.

Tax Protection
Tam receives a notice of audit from the Canada Revenue Agency.
DAS will provide legal tax advice and cover legal costs.

These case studies are for illustration purposes only and should not be relied upon as governing your specific facts and circumstances. Actual claims are governed by your specific policy terms, conditions, limits and exclusions, and are subject to the individual claims review by applicable insurer representatives.

* plus administration fee and applicable taxes